Ed Drop: mint education nfts in one spot

NFTs for Education

Mint an NFT for students completing your course, class or experience.
Note* you will need MATIC for gas but it is very inexpensive to mint.


Design a course with intentional deliverables and content which can be assessed and completed. Once a student completes the necessary skills, they earn an NFT.


Both students and teachers can begin to collect NFTs from courses taken and taught. Build a vast library of personal knowledge and experiences all on the blockchain.


These NFTs can serve as proof of academic and experiential learning or teaching and help to build the resume of the future.

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An easy way to transfer the NFT to your student(s) is to use OpenSea
Go to https://opensea.io
Connect your wallet
Find your newly minted NFT
Click on the "Gift" icon

Enter student Wallet address
Let the 'chain do it's thing and voila!